Wishbone Nameplate

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'Wishbone bikes are the industry standard' - Huffington Post

“I have to say that the Wishbone is the best kids product I have ever bought. My 3 year old son is now a Wishbone master and gets comments every time he rides it. Without fail, someone says "cool bike, where did you get it?" Love your work.” Leah from Adelaide, Australia

“What a great bike! Our son cannot deal with a bike with 2 wheels because of his balance, but he is the king on his Wishbone bike! Really great, he is so proud (and we are, too). For children who are not so balanced or who are not so quick with their balance etc, this is really great.” Sandra from Borculo, The Netherlands

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Wishbone Nameplate with alphabet stickers is a personalised plate for your Wishbone Bike. Write your own name or message or match your personalised car rego! Plate made from post-consumer recycled bottles, UV and weather resistant stickers. Fun gift idea for birthdays, weddings, stocking stuffers. For your bike, wagon, home or office. Also available as a 10-pack.


Remember browsing the personalised mugs or pens and finding every name available except your own? Wishbone Nameplate is a great example how to reduce waste through good design. This product is made from recycled bottles and comes with alphabet stickers so every name is always in stock.